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I was devastated, thinking I lost 5 years of memories on my iPhone forever -- FlashFixers was somehow able to recover .... (more) - Gretel Arredondo

I sent the memory card to FlashFixers on Monday and by Thursday noon I had all my photos back... (more) - Ashutosh Kalsi

I brought to FlashFixers a hard drive that was not being recognized... Within 24 hours they had... (more) - Dennis Shanahan

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iPhone Pictures Gone Forever? Not Anymore!

We’ll recover all your lost iPhone data -
Guaranteed... or you don't pay!

Are you scared sick and heart-broken because you can no longer access your baby pictures, or family, vacation, or wedding videos from your iPhone?

Call Flashfixers right now to get them back!

You’ll sleep better tonight knowing that our iPhone forensics data recovery lab has over an 80% success rate of getting back your lost photos, videos, contacts and other content for orders we accept.

“I was devastated thinking I lost 5 years of memories forever, but the FlashFixers people were AMAZING!
They recovered ALL my data.
Over 1000 photos, videos, business contacts
and 80,000+ text messages!”
Gretel Arredondo - Laredo, Texas

To get your data back now or for more information, click the
Submit Request button or call us toll-free at 888-834-9377

When you absolutely, must-have,
no matter what, your iPhone data…

If you’re sick over the thought of permanently losing your pictures or videos, s imply mail us your iPhone – even if it doesn’t work, is broken or liquid damaged. And within 48 hours, you’ll be contacted with the results.

We don’t take any chances when it comes to recovering and saving your precious data. Our forensic lab and experienced data recovery technicians are well-respected in the industry, plus we have the necessary expertise and equipment to recover your data directly from your iPhone.

To get your data back now, click the Submit Request
button or call us toll-free at 888-834-9377

If your iPhone or iPad has any of these conditions,
FlashFixers can quickly get your data back

· Accidentally deleted pictures, videos, messages, etc.

· It was restored in iTunes, and no backup

· Stuck at the white Apple Logo

· Says "iPhone is disabled", "Try again in xx minutes",

· Says "connect to iTunes".

· Liquid or water damaged

· Physically broken, or doesn’t work

· Need to recover evidence for personal or corporate issues

“I thought our vacation pics were gone forever
and you retrieved them.
You were truly a life saver, or at least a "mind and heart" saver.
Thank you."

Cindy Gardner - Cullman AL

Here’s how our forensic iPhone data recovery service works

1. Simply fill out our Online Service Request Form

2. Fill in the required information, then package your iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, and send it to FlashFixers at the address listed

3. Once we receive your device, we’ll analyze its condition and start the recovery process

4. In 2-3 days, we’ll contact you with the results, and get your approval

5. We’ll save the results to DVD or a new USB Flash Drive and return everything to you via fully insured USPS Priority Mail

How can we recover your data from your iPhone?

Data recovery technicians in our forensics lab use a unique, proprietary data extraction process specifically designed for iPhones. This process lets us recover all data directly from your phone, even if it doesn’t work at all. It’s also possible for us to recover your data, even if you’ve unsuccessfully tried.

So how much does our iPhone data recovery service cost?

Not as much as you’d think!

It starts at only $75 for the initial evaluation, which is fully applied towards the total recovery cost if successful. And your recovered data will be saved to DVD ( up to 8GB) or a USB Flash Drive (available for purchase)

For example: The basic fee to recover photos, videos, and contacts from an 8GB iPhone is only $199. If your device has more memory, the fee is of course higher. ( Detailed fees on Mobile Phone Data Recovery Pricing Sheet)

Do you have sensitive or confidential
information on your iPhone?

Your data is safe with us! All recovered data is held in the strictest confidence. Our employees have signed confidentiality agreements and all recovery work is conducted on secure workstations.

We also have built-in safeguards to prevent unauthorized access to customer recovered data. Once we know for certain you’ve received your recovered data, FlashFixers permanently deletes the data from our servers.

What’s next after you get the DVD or Flash Drive back?

You can transfer all your data to your computer. Then you can import the content into iTunes and back onto your iPhone or iPad so you are back to the way you were before you lost your data.

"You did everything you said you would do! Unlike the
way so many businesses seem to operate today."

Lynn W. Gregg, Canton MI

Why should you trust FlashFixers to recover your data?

· Rated A+ by The Better Business Bureau (BBB)

· We’ve recovered data for over 13,612 clients

· 10+ years of experience in forensic data recovery

· Use advanced, highly-specialized recovery hardware

· Guaranteed data recovery, or you don’t pay

· Lightning-fast service

· We’re “Certified Mobile Phone Examiners”

· Support for the iPhone 3, 3GS, 4, 5, 5C and 5S

· Free USPS Priority Mail (2-3 day) return shipping included

· Free shipping insurance included

Now you, like many others, can get your photos, videos, contacts and other content back from your iPhone that you thought was lost forever .

Isn’t saving your precious, irreplaceable pictures worth 199 bucks?

"The pictures are perfectly restored. There are
no words strong enough to thank you!"

Carol Hoagland, East Lansing MI

To get your data back, click the Submit Request button
or call us toll-free at 888-834-9377

Important Note*** We won’t perform any work unless you are the iPhone owner or have legal authorization to access the phone.

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