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Repair USB Flash Drive Broken Connector

Repair Broken USB Flash Drives

Broken USB Flash DriveUSB Flash Drives, also know as USB Pen Drives, Thumb Drives, Flash Memory Drives, have exploded in popularity since their introduction almost 10 years ago. They have replaced floppy disks as the most convenient way to store personal data and move files from one computer to another. They work by plugging into any computer's available USB port, where they are almost immediately recognized by the computer's operating system without have to load custom drivers or software. They work equally well on Windows, Mac and Linux operating systems.

But, sometimes they stick out too far and by accident, the USB connector can become detached or even break off from the body of the PCB. When this happens, the USB flash drive must be disassembled and the PCB inspected for damage. Common failures are lifted or missing pads, broken connector legs, and missing solder connection. Once the PCB is repaired, only then can the USB connector be re-soldered to the PCB to establish good electrical connection and the USB flash drive used normally again, or at least long enough to transfer the data to another storage device.

The pricing for the recoveries go from $150 (reattach broken pads from a detached connector) to $300 and up for a "chip-off" recovery.

FlashFixers specializes in USB Flash Drive Repair. We have repaired hundreds of broken USB drives by repairing the PCB, replacing USB connectors with broken legs, and re-soldering the connector legs to the PCB pads. Contact FlashFixers if you have any questions about these repairs.

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